Snowskimmer Sketches

Some drawings of a friends robot character, Snowskimmer.

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Made with Square InstaPic

Made with Square InstaPic


Whirl and Cyclonus interpretations.

SCAN0012 SCAN0013

Some sketches of my own interpretation of human-esque versions of the Transformers characters Whirl and Cyclonus.

Various OC sketches/expressions


These two are Grotto the Goron and Mojito the Subrosian.


I use these two as player characters during a Zelda-themed tabletop game session with friends. 😀


If you’ve been through this site, you’ll recognize my character Raptor, here. The other bot is Ratchet, a canon character from the Hasbro show “Transformers Prime.” He’s my favorite.

2014-07-16 20.02.11


This is Bonnibell Balefire, Bonnie for short. She’s a spunky little witch that I use in a different session of tabletop gaming.