T. Rubble

A friend commissioned me to draw his Nintendo Toadstool original character.

TRubble1 copy


T. Rubble. What a cool guy!


Various OC sketches/expressions


These two are Grotto the Goron and Mojito the Subrosian.


I use these two as player characters during a Zelda-themed tabletop game session with friends. 😀


If you’ve been through this site, you’ll recognize my character Raptor, here. The other bot is Ratchet, a canon character from the Hasbro show “Transformers Prime.” He’s my favorite.

2014-07-16 20.02.11


This is Bonnibell Balefire, Bonnie for short. She’s a spunky little witch that I use in a different session of tabletop gaming.


Naki, the Kabuki-Mask Tsukumogami


I don’t make enough male characters!

I wanted to create a youkai inspired b y Kabuki design. But I wanted him to be covered in mostly dark colors with bright accents here and there.

A Tsukumogami is a type of Japanese spirit/demon/Youkai that springs to life from an inatimate object after 100 years. Before he became sentient, this fellow was a decorative Kabuki mask. Now that he has life, he is lovely and dramatic and of course inspired by Japanese designs~