Recently, a new game called ‘Undertale’ was released. It’s very good. This is Toriel.


MLP Convention Commissions

Drawings that were commissioned from me during the MLP Con ‘Fiesta Equestria’ in June! I was very glad to draw all these unique characters for people and I’m very glad they all liked them!

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Pony Prints

The Prints I sold at the MLP Convention in Houston at the end of June!

Please forgive the watermarks. The prints themselves do not have them like this, of course.

You can purchase prints/shirts/mugs/bags/books with these designs at my Redbubble page, here!

2015-06-06_2121_003 2015-06-06_2121_002 2015-06-06_2121_001 2015-06-06_2121 2015-06-06_2120_001 2015-06-06_2120

Various OC sketches/expressions


These two are Grotto the Goron and Mojito the Subrosian.


I use these two as player characters during a Zelda-themed tabletop game session with friends. 😀


If you’ve been through this site, you’ll recognize my character Raptor, here. The other bot is Ratchet, a canon character from the Hasbro show “Transformers Prime.” He’s my favorite.

2014-07-16 20.02.11


This is Bonnibell Balefire, Bonnie for short. She’s a spunky little witch that I use in a different session of tabletop gaming.